Number of customers are finite. Losing or simply not optimizing engagements with them may mean lost opportunities and thinner margins. In addition, customer replace is very costly and new customers takes time to trade up.

Statistics have proven that loyalty program works. But most businesses only provide points as a mere incentive for purchase behaviors. Over time they see this as a liability than asset.

A loyalty system is more than that. It should help your business engage and build meaningful relationships which eventually result in more successful cross sells and up sells. It will help you steer customer behaviors from on-time payment to recurring referrals & incremental purchases.

A 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in a 25% to 100% increase in profit.

At United Points, whether your business is B2B or B2C, we have the expertise and know how to help you structure a suitable customer loyalty or employee rewards program. We provide a white labelled plug & play solution that can be easily deployed across your organization and your customers have access to a E-Reward Wallet service which will help them monitor their account.

A loyal customer is 10 times more valuable than a new customer

Our Merchant Partners are also just a selection away to support you in rewarding your customers. This means that your points are recognized by selected partners instantly!

The cloud based access allows you to control all aspects of the program and thus you can work from any location.

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